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Our team is made up of highly skilled IT professionals who are acknowledged experts in their area. They sit on IT committees and regularly contribute articles to technology blogs./strong> One aspect which we believe sets us apart from our competitors is that our motivated marketers and creatively minded engineers will always strive for perfection. What this means to you as a customer is that through A/B Google analytical testing DigitalWeb & Rank can insure that our performance is backed up with knowledge. Using A/B testing, your website will formularise a tried and tested process.
Our biggest popular platform that customers seem to be enjoying is eBay owned Magento. Used by over 250,000 merchants on a global scale business just seem to simply trust this platform the most.What is great about Magento is that it allows the customer to take full control of its shop, whether its a family business or a large corporate. Their is pretty much not much Magento can’t do. Innovative features like Multiple Zoom shots, Customer Powerpoints, Subscriptions, Stock EPOS Management, Buy and Save, are just some of many available tools.



By talking the customer through certain situations we can start to understand the optimal user journey that your client needs to be taking through the consultative approach.

This approach allows us to advise what route to take whether its a user interface problem that requires HTM5 modernisation or a development open source routing issue that simply needs some new PHP or CSS added.

For further information on our UX consultancy services please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 020 7477 2269 or email hello@webandrank.com.


Experts in our field using anything from Drupal, WordPress, Magento, PHP, .NET or MySQL ensures your road mapping strategy achieves your end result.
Its very common for websites to quickly get outdated and therefore any business requires a firm to ensure they are hired stay on top of things. Working on a Laptop or Mobile we all live in a fast paced society where trends seem to constantly change and any one left behind will see a quick drop in conversion rates.



he way we look at web design is similar that someone with a retail shop front would and should constantly change their window display. Each aspect of the website needs to ensure its pixel perfect in order to maximise their potential and convert the most out of its traffic.
Mobile is a big aspect in the next year for 2014 and our team at DigitalWeb & Rank are fully aware of this.Our guidance in ensuring every piece of traffic is monitored or converted will give your company the peace of mind that will allow your staff to focus on growing a strategy for the business.


igitalWeb & Rank will work with you to understand what level of support is required for your business. This will depend on the size of your business as larger companies generally have more members on the team that require the support. Smaller companies can however require more hand holding and dedicated support level with its current set-up in terms of internal team, freelancers, hosting or and hardware requirements.
To start your support contract now please give us a call as we would love to meet with you for either a beer or coffee. Call us on 020 7477 2269 or email hello@webandrank.com.